Guttersnipe will clear the moss from your roof manually using a combination of nylon scapers, wire & bristled brushes and vacuums.

  • We do not use any power washing equipment as we feel this can compromise the watertight integrity of your roof.
  • We do not use any chemicals for the sake of the environment and their limited effectiveness. Moss is a living organism which spores naturally every year, and therefore will reappear to a lesser or greater degree with the passing of time.

Moss removal can make a huge enhancement to the appearance of your property, as well as slow down the clogging of gutters & downpipes, and stop the constant need to keep sweeping it up from your patio, path or driveway.

We have the use of our own mobile scaffold and ladders to safely carry out this service.

Removing moss from roofs is important to ensure that water can drain properly and to prevent the roof from freezing. Roof tiles and slates can become porous if moss overgrows which allows rainwater to infiltrate the material. Moisture can make roof tiles burst at low temperatures. Hairline cracks due to moss and dirt also increase the possibility of a leak in the roof.

Roof moss removal can vastly improve the kerb appeal of your home.  A house with a well-maintained roof will be more attractive to a potential buyer than a roof that looks neglected.

We offer a dry, non-chemical roof moss removal. No power washing, no fungicidal sprays, just a manual gentle disturbing and removing of your roof moss.

Local, professional and insured roof moss removal service for domestic, rental & commercial properties.

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